Coronavirus vaccination
09:06 · 20 June 2022

7 good reasons to get vaccinated now

1. Protects me. Also from Omicron.

The Omicron wave has reached Germany. The data show: Every vaccination helps. Also with Omicron. The first vaccine dose already protects from severe disease. And the booster significantly improves your protection. The booster works.

2. Protects my family, my grandparents, friends and everyone who is especially vulnerable.

Above all, those who have received a booster shot infect others less frequently than the unvaccinated. So, with the vaccine, you protect not only yourself, but also family, friends and colleagues. By getting vaccinated, you also protect persons who themselves cannot be vaccinated or for whom the vaccine might not be as effective due to an existing condition which makes them especially vulnerable.

3. Safe vaccines.

The authorised vaccines are broken down by the body after a short period of time. In the meantime, the coronavirus vaccine has been administered around 160 million times in Germany alone – and billions of times worldwide. Only on very rare occasions did unexpected adverse reactions occur. Long-term com- plications are unknown. To date, hardly any other vaccine has been subjected to such close scientific monitoring in so little time as the vaccines autho- rised against COVID-19.

4. Vaccination is clearly less risky than contracting coronavirus.

Severe adverse effects after a coronavirus vaccination are very seldom (less than one in 10,000 vaccinated per- sons). On the other hand, the danger of severe or protracted disease is significantly greater if you become infected with the coronavirus.

5. No long waiting times, no cost, no need to prove your identity.

Getting vaccinated is very easy. You do not need a passport or a health insurance card and it does not cost you anything. There are many places where you can get your vaccination or booster without a long wait: vaccination centres, doctors’ surgeries, your work- place or special vaccine campaigns. And also at your nearby pharmacy.

6. The right vaccine for every age group.

Vaccination is recommended for all persons from the age of 12 years. The same goes for the booster vaccine (the third vaccine). And children from the age of five can also be vaccinated. The vaccines are constantly being evaluated for efficacy and safety. Alongside the so- called mRNA vaccines by Moderna and BioNTech and the vector vaccine by Johnson & Johnson, Novavax now presents an additional type of vaccine that is available to all persons from the age of 18. This means that a vaccine is now also available for anyone who would prefer an “inactivated vaccine”.

7. Makes normal life possible – at schools, restaurants and cinemas.

The coronavirus vaccination makes our everyday life easier. Whether at a restaurant, a bar, the cinema, when shopping or at school: events are safer with the vaccine and protective measures can be relaxed. Plus, those who have had their booster or are newly vaccinated, do not have to quarantine.