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A page by the Federal Ministry of Health

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit
15:58 Uhr · 22. Februar 2021

Information for travellers 

In general, you should currently avoid unnecessary travel. The following article informs you of what to remember when travelling.

Inform yourself regarding current travel warnings and restrictions before you travel abroad

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please avoid non-essential tourist trips to the large number of countries classed as risk areas. There are also some countries that only permit restricted entry from Germany, for example by requiring an obligatory quarantine upon arrival. Since the applicable regulations can depend on the local infection trends, you should inform yourself before travelling on the Federal Foreign Office’s website  regarding the current situation. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) publishes a list that specifies the current risk areas and is updated on an ongoing basis. Classification as a risk area is the result of a joint analysis and decision-making process by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

When travelling within Germany: Follow the respective Land’s coronavirus regulations

Overnight stays at hotels in the context of a holiday are not permitted in Germany for the time being. If you travel within Germany, you will need to observe the regulations of the Federal Länder you enter. Please inform yourself regarding local regulations from the Federal Land’s website before commencing your journey. An overview of all the Federal Länder’s regulations can be found here.

You can also use the Corona-Warn-App when travelling abroad

If you have not done so already: Download the Corona-Warn-App to your mobile phone. The App enables you to be informed anonymously and quickly should you have spent time in an infected person’s vicinity. The faster you receive this information, the lower the risk of you infecting additional people with the virus. Using the App also makes sense when abroad: The European Gateway Service allows coronavirus tracing apps from several European countries to work together. This makes it easier to identify and interrupt infection chains, even beyond borders.

The Corona-Warn-App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Information on air travel

In order to enter specific countries, you need to fill out specific entry forms and/or register online. To find out more, please contact your flight carrier. 

Please also follow the DHM formula (distance, hygiene and community mask) throughout your journey. Pay particular attention to the distancing rules when boarding or disembarking the plane and avoid forming queues to use the on-board toilet, for example. Please wear a community mask when boarding, disembarking and throughout your time on the plane for your own and your fellow passengers’ safety. Additionally, inform yourself regarding the country’s applicable national hygiene regulations at the destination airport. On the Robert Koch Institute’s website, you can inform yourself regarding current requirements with respect to domestic and international flights. 

Information for travellers returning to Germany

  • You are travelling to Germany and have spent time in a risk area in the 10 days prior to your entry? If so, you must make your way directly to your home – or other form of accommodation at your destination – upon arrival and remain in home quarantine for a period of 10 days. The Federal Government and the Federal Länder have agreed on these rules. Note: The quarantine regulations are implemented by means of ordinances issued by the Federal Länder. Ultimately, the law of the Federal Land you are entering, and/or where you are staying, is binding. Please observe possible special regulations on the quarantine obligations that apply under the law of your Federal Land (especially persons in transit and cross-border commuters).
  • Since 8 November, you are required to complete a digital registration on entry if you spent time in a risk area in the 10 days prior to your entry. Please enter information on the places you stayed over the previous 10 days on the website. After filling in all of the necessary information, you will receive a PDF file as confirmation. Before transporting you to your destination, your carrier will check whether you are in possession of a confirmation. Otherwise, the carrier will not be allowed to take you. Should you, in exceptional cases, be unable to conduct a digital registration on entry, you are instead required to fill out a substitute registration on paper.
  • Within 10 days after entry, the public health office (Gesundheitsamt) may require that you submit a negative test result or, if you do not possess such a result, that you have yourself tested.
  • You can call 116 117 or check to find out where in your vicinity you can get tested. If you wish to be tested by your family doctor, please be sure to call the office in advance.
  • It is imperative that you quarantine yourself until you receive your test results.
  • During the quarantine period, you are not allowed to leave your house or apartment, nor receive guests. Please do not forget that these measures are meant to protect your family, neighbours and all other persons around you. Non-compliance with the quarantine rules can be penalised by fine!
  • In general, home quarantine can be lifted earlier, but at the earliest after five (5) days, if you submit a negative test result. Please check the quarantine rules for your Federal Land to see which regulations apply to you.
  • This list by the RKI can help you determine whether you have been to a risk area. Many countries outside of Europe are considered risk areas.
  • If you have questions on the quarantine regulations, it is best to get in touch with your public health office directly.