Coronavirus vaccination
09:22 · 21 September 2021

Getting vaccinated in a vaccination centre: An overview of the most important information

Coronavirus vaccinations are being carried out in several hundred vaccination centres across Germany. But how is vaccination organised there and how do you get an appointment? Find answers to the most important questions here.

Coronavirus vaccinations in a vaccination centre

Germany’s vaccination centres have been operational since December 2020. In these centres, several hundred thousand people are vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus on a daily basis.

Our progress regarding vaccinations means priority groups are no longer needed

Most of the people belonging to groups that needed to be protected against COVID-19 on a priority basis have now been offered a vaccination slot. These groups include people of senior age, those with pre-existing medical conditions and certain professional groups that need to be protected first due to an increased risk of infection. That means, all people aged 16 or over, irrespective of their state of health or profession, can now arrange a vaccination appointment.

Important to bear in mind: Due to there still being a limited availability of vaccines, not everyone wishing to get vaccinated will get an appointment right away – waiting times are to be expected. The vaccination campaign will need to continue as planned until the end of the summer of 2021.

How can I find a vaccination centre?

From airports to event venues – the Federal Laender and municipalities decide for themselves where to set up and how to organise their vaccination centres. Each of these centres vaccinates several thousand people a day and can easily be accessed by public transport. Use our map of Germany to find out at which local vaccination centre you can get your jab – simply click on the Federal Land you live in.

How do I arrange an appointment at my vaccination centre?

By calling 0800 0000837, people from every Federal Land can either arrange an appointment by telephone or are forwarded to the competent Land hotline. You can also book your vaccination appointment online. For more information about the process, we recommend that you check the website of your Federal Land using the above map of Germany.

What should I expect at the vaccination centre?

The procedure at the vaccination centre is well organised. During your visit, you will be guided through the vaccination process in five steps:

The five steps in your coronavirus vaccination

Registration: Persons wishing to get vaccinated present the documents confirming their identity and their eligibility for vaccination. • Information: In the waiting area, you will be given information material. However, please also inform yourself in advance about the vaccination and the information material. • Medical consultation: In case you have questions – particularly concerning risks or potential side effects to the vaccine – you can ask them during your consultation with a doctor. After the consultation, you need to sign the information sheet and the consent form. Ideally, you would already have carefully read these documents at home. • Vaccination: The healthcare staff will carry out the vaccination. • Observation area: This is where, monitored by professional healthcare staff, those vaccinated can stay until they leave the vaccination centre.

English: Coronavirus vaccination in vaccination centres

What do I need to bring to my appointment at the vaccination centre?

You should bring the following documents to your vaccination appointment:

  • Identity Card
  • For healthcare employees: a certificate by the employer or proof of employment
  • Vaccination booklet (if you have none, you will receive a substitute certificate at the vaccination centre)

People with specific pre-existing medical conditions need a medical certificate to prove they are eligible to get vaccinated.

Making an informed decision regarding vaccination

What exactly is COVID-19? How does the vaccine work? What vaccine reactions and adverse effects might occur? The Coronavirus vaccination may pose a variety of questions. Find answers to your most urgent questions even before your personal consultation with the doctor in the information sheet.

On the medical history sheet, you should provide details concerning your state of health, previous vaccinations and existing allergies. This information is vital for the doctor to be able to exclude certain potential risks. By signing the consent form, you declare your consent to being vaccinated.

The following link will take you to a document containing the information sheet and the consent form in English:

Information sheet and consent form for coronavirus vaccination (MRNA vaccine)

Information sheet and consent form for coronavirus vaccination (vector vaccine)

Which document you need depends on the vaccine you will receive. The Moderna vaccine and the vaccine manufactured by BioNTech/Pfizer are MRNA vaccines, while the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines are vector vaccines.

What do I need to bear in mind at the vaccination centre?

The general COVID-19 containment measures also apply at the vaccination centre. This means, for instance, that the different areas in the centres are separated by spacious waiting areas and hand disinfectants are readily available. In addition, it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask.

How can people with reduced mobility get to a vaccination centre?

The individual Federal Laender offer special support services to people with limited mobility. People living in residential long-term care facilities are vaccinated by mobile vaccination teams. These teams inform those affected and carry out vaccinations directly at the facilities. In case a person is not able to consent to the vaccination, their legal representative (such as a custodian or healthcare representative) must be informed and their consent obtained. Since in some cases it may be difficult to contact the custodian, vaccination appointments must be scheduled well in advance.

Click here for further information on how the coronavirus vaccination is organised.

You can use the "Vaccine doses by institution" category of the Vaccination dashboard to see how many people have already been vaccinated in doctors’ practices or vaccination centres. Please note that this content is currently only available in German.

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