Coronavirus vaccination
13:05 · 1 September 2021

Information on organising coronavirus vaccinations and arranging appointments in the Federal states

Since late December 2020, vaccines have been available and in the meantime vaccination is being conducted at high speed across the country. We have compiled an overview of who can be vaccinated when and what you need to do in advance.

Risk groups get vaccinated first.

Since the end of 2020, Germany has been administering vaccines against COVID-19 infection. Hundreds of vaccination centres have been set up for that purpose across the country. In the first phase of vaccinations, when the population was vaccinated by priority, these centres were the central port of call for citizens. Additionally, in the early stages, mobile vaccination teams drove around the Federal Länder to perform a large number of vaccinations in a targeted, efficient fashion at facilities such as residential care homes, where both residents and care staff got vaccinated. Meanwhile, coronavirus vaccination is also being carried out in doctors’ surgeries and by company doctors.

Organisation of the National Vaccination Strategy

The Federal Government provides the vaccine and is responsible for its distribution to the Federal Länder. Together with the statutory health insurance and the private health insurance, the Federal Länder cover the costs of operating the vaccination centres. The Federal Länder are responsible for organising and operating the vaccination centres as well as arranging appointments. Non-hospital doctors and company doctors organise appointment scheduling for the coronavirus vaccine themselves.

At the beginning of the pandemic, in close alignment with the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (Ständige Impfkommission/STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Ministry of Health established a list of priority groups eligible for coronavirus vaccination. Since initially only a limited number of vaccine doses was available, these were meant to be used in line with the Standing Committee on Vaccination’s recommendations, to reduce the number of severe disease progressions and deaths as fast as possible. That is why the risk groups, in other words older people, people with pre-existing conditions, as well as people at increased risk of infection on account of their occupation, were the first to be vaccinated. Now that most of the people in this group have in the meantime been offered an opportunity to get vaccinated, there is no longer a need to prioritise groups.

A glance at the continually updated vaccination dashboard shows the progress of the National Vaccination Strategy in Germany. Several million people are already fully vaccinated and therefore protected from a severe COVID-19 progression.

Arranging vaccination appointments and, where relevant, contacting persons eligible for vaccination falls under the responsibility of the Federal states

Depending on the Federal Land, the approach regarding contacting persons and arranging vaccination appointments may differ: In some Federal Länder, it is envisaged that people who are eligible for vaccination are informed of this eligibility through a personal letter. Other Federal Länder rely on general information to the public to ensure that those eligible are informed.

In principle, as of June all citizens over the age of 16 can arrange an appointment to get vaccinated at a vaccination centre by calling 0800 0000837. Here the appointments for the first and the required second vaccine are given together. In some Federal Länder the possibility of booking an appointment via a web application is also envisaged. This also allows you to obtain information surrounding your coronavirus vaccination. People who wish to get vaccinated at a doctor’s surgery or by their company doctor, must contact their doctor to arrange an appointment and to obtain information on the coronavirus vaccination procedure. Further information is available on the website of your federal state.

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