Coronavirus information
11:51 · 28 July 2021

Fighting the pandemic together!

We can all do our part to contain the coronavirus by keeping a distance, following hygiene rules and, where there is little room, wearing a community mask.

The coronavirus pandemic has not subsided. It is still important that we continue to contain the spread of the coronavirus. We can all play a part. A crucial component is the DHM formula: Keep a distance, follow hygiene rules and, when there is little space, wear a community mask. In the colder months, when we will again be spending more time in closed rooms, airing is even more important. That is why the DHM formula is being expanded by an A, for airing.  

The aim is to protect human lives and not overburden our healthcare system.  This also means remaining vigilant: in regional hotspots, stricter measures will need to be applied again. 

Meeting friends during this new status quo

The novel coronavirus spreads particularly quickly during festivities in the family or friends circle. We are advised to keep the number of people with whom we are in contact low and, ideally, to keep company with the same group of people. The Federal Government and the Laender urge all citizens, in any case, to critically assess whether and to what extent private festivities are necessary and tenable with an eye to the spread of infection. 

When meeting friends and acquaintances, one should in any case, maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people. Beyond that, a community mask is to be worn in specific public spaces. For additional information, please check the regulations that apply in your Bundesland. 

Sports and other large events (fairs, festivals etc.) with an audience remain prohibited.

Relief for children and senior citizens

In schools new hygiene rules apply this year, which is leading to a restructuring of teaching, new class sizes and timetables. Enquire at your school to find out which regulations apply to you or your children. Regulations also differ among Bundeslaender with regard to daycare centres. 

The strict contact restrictions and regulations were not easy to cope with, particularly for older people. Many people in nursing homes had to forgo visits for weeks. This has now changed: Persons living in hospitals, nursing homes and facilities for senior citizens and the disabled may once more receive visits. As a rule, both the minimum distance and the wearing of community masks are envisaged in these facilities. Individual nursing homes and Bundeslaender determine additional measures for themselves. 

Here you can find out what you need to remember when visiting people in old-age and nursing homes.

In public spaces: DHM+A 

We can all do our part to protect our healthcare system and those around us. Everyday life with less infection and more consideration requires following the DHM formula.

  • Keeping a distance: whether on our way to work, when shopping or strolling in the park. We keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people.

  • Paying attention to hygiene: follow the hygiene rules with respect to sneezing, coughing and washing hands. The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) shows how to do this properly (LINK

  • Wearing a community mask: it is urgently recommended that a community mask be worn in places where it may be difficult to maintain the safety distance. So as to protect bystanders, the Laender have introduced rules on wearing a community mask when travelling on public transport and when shopping. However, people who wear masks still need to maintain a distance from others.

Also remember to use the Corona-Warn-App: we can all contribute towards fewer people inadvertently infecting others by actively using the App and quickly informing contact persons. This should allow us to remain healthy and safe as we go about our new everyday life.

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