Coronavirus vaccination
15:00 · 30 November 2021

Important documents for your vaccination appointment

Here you can find important documents for download to make sure you are well informed before your vaccination appointment. They include information leaflets on the various vaccines, as well as consent forms and substitute confirmations for the coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus vaccination protects you and others.

Checklist for your vaccination appointment

Before you go to your appointment, you should have a few important documents to hand.

Please take the following with you:

  • ID card
  • Vaccination booklet (if you have none, you will receive a substitute certificate that you can download and print yourself from the download area)
  • FFP2 mask so you can observe the hygiene measures

The following steps can help you prepare for your vaccination appointment:

  • Plan and organise your trip to and from the vaccination centre
  • Factor in time for post-vaccine observation (approx. 15 minutes; somewhat longer if you have specific pre-existing conditions)
  • Reflect on your own medical history (e.g. allergies, fainting spells) so that you can inform the vaccinating physician and gauge potential risks

Use the vaccination card to remind yourself of the date of your second vaccination appointment. It is also available for download and printing in the download area.

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